Göran Wärff Candlestick Polar Hurricane

Göran Wärff Polar Hurricane Candlestick

Kosta Boda lead crystal candlestick ‘Hurricane’ designed by Göran Wärff for Kosta Boda, Kosta Sweden. 
The Polar serie from the eightties is a great play between shapes, the optical light and the volume of the glass. 
The candle width is 4,3cm for waxine light, or a thick candle. 
The condition is excellent.

Manufacturer :       Kosta Glasbrük 'Kosta Boda', Kosta Sweden.

Designer :              Göran Wärff.

Year :                     1960’s

Signed :                  No

Dimensions :          Width 10,5cm, height 9cm, weight 1141 gram.

Condition :              Excellent.

Reference :             Kosta Boda Book of Glass


€ 32,00 tax incl.