Condition remarks for used (vintage) glass and ceramics.

Excellent:  Highest quality in near mint or unused condition.
                  Most glass and ceramics should have it’s normal bottom wear.
Great:  Relatively high in quality or in slightly used condition.
            It may have some small chiggers or scratches, but they’re hard to see.
Good:  In used condition.
            It may have some visible scratches or chiggers.
Fair:  Some visible chips or other visible wear.


Chip:  A little slice of a surface.
Chigger:  Chiggers or fleabites are hardly visible.
                They can be felt with your fingernails.
Bottom Wear:  Normal little scratches on the base of an object.
                        It often gives an age indication of the object.
Straw Mark:  Slight wavy lines often seen on pressed glass objects.
Unintentional Inclusions:  Trapped air bubbles, a burst bubble on the surface,
                                           ashes or other foreign objects in the glass.